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Sujeet Sarkar

Author and international advisor on governance

Sujeet Sarkar as a global advisor, has spent over two decades of his professional career towards promoting democratic governance and civil society, primarily in fragile and conflict ridden countries, across the globe. Currently, as an international advisor, he support the portfolio of governance and civil society of Aga Khan Foundation, in multiple countries spread across Asia and Africa. He comes with a rich and extensive experience in working progressively at national, regional, and global level with INGOs, federal Governments, global academia and multi lateral aid agencies in the sector of governance. He also visit various leading global universities like London School of Economics, IDS, Sussex, Munk School of Global Affairs, Toronto, etc. to offer guest lecture on governance in conflict prone setting. He writes on international affairs for leading dailies like Times of India. Afghanistan Times, The Dawn, The Times of Oman, First post, etc in his personal capacity. He has further authored an acclaimed non fiction titled " in Search of a new Afghanistan". He comes with a master in rural management along with an advance course on global excellence in management from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA.
Blow Hot Blow Cold: Decoding The Modi Government's Shifting Pak

Blow Hot Blow Cold: Decoding The Modi Government's Shifting Pak Policy

While the resumption of the comprehensive Indo-Pak bilateral dialogue is a welcome change, it also exposes the fault line in the Modi government's strategy of engaging with Pakistan. Under the BJP regime, India has consistently demonstrated its ability to spurn dialogue and lay down tough ground rules, only to resume talks unconditionally, later. However, confused as it may look, the standpoint of the Modi government is also grounded in political pragmatism.
17/12/2015 11:35 AM IST