Suhasini Krishnan

Sudent of History at St. Stephen’s College

Suhasini Krishnan is a student of History at St. Stephen’s College (though hopefully not for long). She hopes to travel, revel in poetry and culture, and find beauty in the world, and not be a pretentious snob in doing so. But mostly she hopes that some day her real life will meet the bizarre expectations created by television sit-coms.
Next Step:

Next Step: Free-Fall

With people landing placements and internships, and talking about GREs, I know it's already begun. Things are changing. And a lot of us find ourselves trying to hold onto something familiar, something comfortable. Personally, it took me long enough to get accustomed to college to begin with, and now I'm expected to trade that in for something entirely new.
23/12/2014 7:52 AM IST