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The writer is a Delhi based independent journalist.
The Way To A Man's Heart And Other NARINDER NANU via Getty Images

The Way To A Man's Heart And Other Myths

Most Tamil films of my time had a first-night-after-the-wedding scene, in which a plump bejewelled heroine, dressed in jasmine and silk, coyly offered a tall silver tumbler of milk to a bull-necked hero, who quaffed it and burst into song before ravishing the woman on the bed. "It's cow's milk with soaked nutmeg, almonds and pista essence, and spiked with saffron and palm candy sugar," Sachu maami informed.
09/07/2015 8:24 AM IST
Designs On Dance: The Evolving Costumes Of Rakesh Sahai

Designs On Dance: The Evolving Costumes Of Bharatanatyam

Dance is as much about space, structure, music, drama, colour and costume and design aesthetics as it is about the act of dancing. There is no performance art that brings in fluidity, grace, drama and colour as much as dance does on a proscenium stage. All these elements were brought to the fore in "When The Pleats Danced", an unusual art exhibition in which former Bharatanatyam dancer, NIID alumnus and designer Sandhya Raman curated and displayed her work in classical and contemporary dance costume design.
30/06/2015 8:21 AM IST
Travel Habits Indians Need To TenSafeFrogs/Flickr

Travel Habits Indians Need To Kick

And whether in an art gallery, religious monument or a public park or zoo, shhh up. Don't call out to animals to "smile" for your camera. Your spouses and kids can hear, right? No need to holler, "Champa, see, see, rhino"; "Beta, look, look, big lion". Uncles and aunties who insist they go on rides or emaciated ponies alongside their grandkids spare a thought for the poor animals.
12/03/2015 8:14 AM IST