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Sudesh Verma

Journalist, author and member of BJP's National Media Team

Sudesh Verma is a senior journalist with experience of covering parliamentary proceedings. He was News Editor of English News Channel NewsX. He is President of Debating India Foundation. He has written a book on Narendra Modi called Narendra Modi: The GameChanger. He is also a member of the BJP's National Media Team.
BJP Cannot Be Blamed For The Acts Of Cow

BJP Cannot Be Blamed For The Acts Of Cow Vigilantes

The State has taken swift action and demonstrated the desire to get the culprits punished. In our country, the State cannot mete out punishment. This authority lies only with the court. The State has already demonstrated its keenness for speedy trial. In such a situation it would be unfair to blame the state government as having failed to do anything or acting in connivance against Dalits.
25/07/2016 5:04 PM IST
Why Pakistan Must Learn India's New

Why Pakistan Must Learn India's New Way

It's more than clear that India will no longer accept Pakistani leaders' engagement with separatist Hurriyat leaders either directly or indirectly. The line was drawn when proposed foreign secretary level talks in Islamabad were cancelled in August last year. The Indian side had sent a strong message to Pakistan that it was serious in trying to resolve outstanding issue bilaterally but would not take it lightly if Pakistan tried to mollycoddle the Hurriyat Conference.
24/08/2015 1:31 PM IST
Why Sumitra Mahajan Was Right In Suspending Congress

Why Sumitra Mahajan Was Right In Suspending Congress MPs

When Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan suspended 25 members of the Congress from the House for five days on Monday, Indian National Congress (INC) president Mrs Sonia Gandhi described it as "a black day" for Indian democracy. She conveniently forgot that Speaker Mrs Meira Kumar under the United Progressive Alliance dispensation had on 23 August 2013 suspended 12 MPs for five sittings for disrupting Parliament. Then on 2 September 2013 she again suspended nine MPs for the same reason under the same rule.
04/08/2015 2:57 PM IST