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Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

Singer, actor, writer

Singer, actor, writer
The Day I Conquered

The Day I Conquered Kilimanjaro

Standing magnificently tall at 5895m, the highest mountain in Africa and one of the top seven summits of the world was calling out to me loud. So I discussed it with a few of my likeminded friends -- the crazy outdoorsy ones. The ones who love climbing mountains, jumping off bridges and rafting down rivers. Some of my other friends -- the let's-go-to-a-European-chalet-in-our-Prada-suits-and-drink-pink-champagne-until-we-pass-out type -- were aghast. "Why on earth would you want to climb Kilimanjaro? Have you lost it Suchitra? Haven't you heard of Ebola?"
30/09/2015 8:21 AM IST
Dear BJP, I Reject Your Hindutva, Your

Dear BJP, I Reject Your Hindutva, Your Fascism

Do not teach me about my own religion, dear BJP. Don't tell me how I should think. Who I should worship. How I should dress or what I should eat. I am a Hindu -- by definition, a purer and higher form than you can ever be -- and I reject your Hindutva. Just as Islam must reject the Taliban or Isis.
23/09/2015 8:36 AM IST