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Suchi Gaur

Development Communication Practitioner

Suchi Gaur works with issues at the intersection of gender, health and technology at the grassroots level. She has researched the design and evaluation of communication tools for community communications, and the role of participation in bringing behavioural change towards women in society. She was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to research the role of community communications at New York University in 2012-13 as part of her PhD program at Delhi University.
Torn Pages From My Harassment

Torn Pages From My Harassment Diary

I have never felt as wordless as when I was trying to articulate my experiences of sexual harassment on the streets of India. When these incidents took place, all I wanted to do was to perhaps take a lesson from them and then move on, forget about them. They made me feel emotionally weak, helpless, as if freedom was out of my grasp. I could imagine others saying, "So what? After all, she was never raped."
01/06/2015 8:09 AM IST
Patriarchy And Maternal Health: India Needs To Act

Patriarchy And Maternal Health: India Needs To Act Now

We have the world's highest number of maternal deaths and are highly unlikely to achieve our Millennium Development Goal by the end of this year. During my trips to villages, I often encounter young women with multiple children and deteriorating health. Some common themes emerge.
26/03/2015 8:13 AM IST
11 Types Of Bad Delhi

11 Types Of Bad Delhi Drivers

Stuck in traffic for hours on end, I have not much to do but think about driving and drivers. I wonder why my fellow Dilli-Gurgaon commuters can't drive a little sanely. Not everyone is crazy, but enough are for me to have identified 11 specific categories of drivers and driving habits in Delhi-NCR.
16/03/2015 8:10 AM IST