Sucheta Pal

Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) and Fitness Expert

Sucheta Pal is an international fitness trainer and a Zumba® Education Specialist and Presenter. <br> <br> She leads India as the Master Trainer for Zumba® International and is the only one in the country who can officially license and train Zumba® Instructor aspirants. She also handles the rest of South East Asia. <br> <br> After having trained in the United States from 2009 to 2012, she now brings her experience and enthusiasm to India. <br> <br> She is an AFAA certified fitness expert and the first trainer of India for Piloting, PoundFit, Masala Bhangra and Insanity. <br> <br> Key accomplishments: <br> Presenter at Zumba® Fitness Convention 2014, Florida (USA) <br> Presenter at AFAA Asia Zumba® Fitness Convention 2014, Tokyo (Japan) <br> Presenter at Indonesia Fitness Expo (IFEX) 2014, Indonesia <br> Presenter at Asia Fitness Convention 2013, Bangkok (Thailand) <br> Presenter at India Expo by IFAA Germany 2014, Mumbai (India) <br> Presenter at Sheru Classic 2013, Pune (India) <br> Presenter and India Sports Expo 2014, Delhi (India) <br> Presenter at Pinkathon 2013, Mumbai (India) <br> Featured on official Zumba Fitness DVDs 2014, 2015 <br> Featured on NDTV Good Times, Channel V and Zoom <br> Featured in XBOX 2012 Zumba® Rush 2012 Game <br> Optimum Nutrition Athlete and Brand Ambassador
What Is Your Exercise Type -- Yin Or

What Is Your Exercise Type -- Yin Or Yang?

Once we become very aware of our Yin and Yang energies, choosing a fitness program for our well-being becomes a holistic choice for our health, rather than a blind following of the latest fitness trend.
19/08/2016 1:37 PM IST
Have Fun While Working

Have Fun While Working Out!

I have seen so many people trying to drive themselves over the hill, having been over-awed by someone else's regime, only to abandon it all when the initial fizz and euphoria is gone. Here are a few sure shot ways to keep yourself happy and motivated to your fitness schedule...
27/12/2014 7:59 AM IST