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Srishti Chaudhary


If a person is the sum of all the things they have seen and felt and read and experienced, then here are little makers of what I think I am: I love film and cinema, almost as much I love to read. I live in Delhi, but head out frequently; very often, weather determines my mood. I take life lessons every day, and my favorite subject to write about are people. I pity the human condition, but think the best can be made out of life. Passion and will are the two things I admire. I studied English literature at the University of Delhi, and freelance my way around. For the moment, I am bent upon producing fiction- because the world is going one way, and people, another.
Leap of Faith: What A Water Slide Taught Me About Shutterstock

Leap of Faith: What A Water Slide Taught Me About Fear

In a queue of about 20 people, six or seven backed out as their turn came, laughing nervously. One woman lost her balance in front of me; thankfully her grip on the handlebar was tight, or she would have hurtled down the vertical slide into god knows what. I grew more and more nervous as I moved ahead, imagining all sorts of scary scenarios, all involving injury or death.
11/02/2016 3:59 PM IST
The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Travelling In Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Travelling In India

A woman, or maybe two women, travelling on their own in India have to face certain unique challenges, and some roads that are closed to them. An obvious example is hitchhiking. In a country where the news is full of horror stories about crimes against women, it is a privilege only accessible to well-built men; we women must give up dreams of our very own Motorcycle Diaries. Or so common sense will tell you.
20/12/2015 8:24 AM IST