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Sriram Karri


Sriram Karri is the author of the bestselling novel, Autobiography of a Mad Nation, longlisted for the MAN Asian Literary Prize and described by readers and critics as "racy, unputdownable and the most powerful work of fiction written about India". His first book - The Spiritual Supermarket - was longlisted for the Crossword Book Award (Non-Fiction) category. He is a passionate debater and a regularly invited speaker at various fora.

He is a communications and technology branding professional in his day job - and besides a startup of his own, has worked for TCS, Infosys, Satyam, ISB, Sujana, Magnaquest and CallHealth. He was a full-time journalist at the start of his 20-year career, and now writes columns and articles extensively.

He is currently working on his next novel. He lives in Hyderabad.
Here's A Simple Idea To Fix India's Black Money Problem Once And For

Here's A Simple Idea To Fix India's Black Money Problem Once And For All

The often discussed routes to curbing domestic black money are conventional, timid, ineffective and glaringly and obviously inadequate, with the size of domestic Indian black money estimated to be between 23% to 26% of the national GDP (approximately and possibly erroneously). Here is a possible solution: A total currency swap.
18/07/2016 7:09 PM IST
India Must Harness Free Basics, Not Kill

India Must Harness Free Basics, Not Kill It

The access to Internet, however partial, has the power to transform. Surely the poor who cannot afford to buy a digital connection today have a right to expect to receive a poor man's version of it in charity without you and me, the digital haves, poking into it.
31/01/2016 11:51 AM IST