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IE Fellow & Masters Candidate at IE Business School, Madrid (Spain). An enthusiastic blogger, facilitating young minds to discover the power of POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY.
Poor Healthcare Could Stunt India's

Poor Healthcare Could Stunt India's Growth

I come from a place in India where many people prefer to visit a traditional healer or a god-man when they fall ill. You may argue that people are uneducated or ignorant, but that is only partially correct. The main reason behind is lack of access to affordable and quality healthcare in India.
25/11/2015 8:56 AM IST
Assam Is Drowning But No One

Assam Is Drowning But No One Cares

Ceaseless rains and massive floods have affected 1.5 million people in 17 districts. More than 50 people have died. According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority, more than 92,000 people have sought refuge in about 240 camps and 92,820 hectares of crop areas have been destroyed. As Assam struggles to breathe, there are no outpourings of support on Twitter, no heart-wrenching Facebook posts, no front page news.
11/09/2015 7:46 PM IST
Irom Sharmila: The Invisible

Irom Sharmila: The Invisible Heroine

Welcome to India, the world's largest democracy! Here is a woman who has been fasting for a cause for the past 15 years and nobody really cares. Yes, you heard it right - 15 years! It is her conscience, her unwavering convictions that have made her the "Iron Lady of Manipur". Irom Sharmila is like droplets of water trickling into a solid rock. With her silent, resilient and persistent efforts, this frail woman has made a dent, and a solid one at that.
13/08/2015 3:46 PM IST