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Delhi-based journalist

Soumya Sarkar is a Delhi-based journalist. Follow him on Twitter @scurve.
Linking Rivers Will Not Save

Linking Rivers Will Not Save Bundelkhand

Even as Bundelkhand shrivels under the onslaught of a prolonged drought, the government is going ahead with a grand scheme to link two major rivers at this southern edge of the Ganga basin. At a time when moisture has fled the land and the rain-fed rivers are down to a trickle, transporting water some 230 km in a canal, irrigating farmland on the way, appears to be a mirage to many.
06/05/2016 3:18 PM IST
PHOTOS: Heat, Dust And Water In

PHOTOS: Heat, Dust And Water In Bundelkhand

Bundelkhand is a dirt-poor region where people are now desperately scratching the dirt for water. Only a few farmers have enough money to dig more than 50 metres and pump water out of the few aquifers that have not gone dry. A few others have built check dams and embankments to hold the rain where it falls, and their farms remain profitable. But such oases are too few and far between.
05/05/2016 7:45 PM IST
Bringing Water Back To

Bringing Water Back To Bundelkhand

Bundelkhand is amongst the worst places on earth to be a farmer. Decades of land and water mismanagement made worse by anaemic showers and changing rainfall patterns triggered by climate change have led to untold misery for its largely agrarian population. But many community workers and experts say the situation is not irrevocable. The region may yet prosper by adopting better ways to conserve water, in step with a more sustainable and varying use of the land.
04/05/2016 4:15 PM IST
Hunger Stalks Scorched

Hunger Stalks Scorched Bundelkhand

Bundelkhand, the size of Ireland or Texas at some 700,000 sq km, is home to some of the poorest people in India, an unforgiving land where about half of its 18 million people live under the official poverty line, close to destitution.
03/05/2016 8:21 PM IST