Soniya Kumar


I love to be a student because I love to know more. Knowing about anything and everything around me. I study Masters in Computer and Communication Technology at Saarland University, Germany (Almost there). Even though this a pure techie master degree profile, I am not that techie ;) Sharing what I have learned even more excites me. I like to write a lot even though I am not a great writer yet. I wanted to write about a few things that I come across in my life and that’s why I write to capture memories into words. <br> <br> Painting is another art that I enjoy. Travelling is what I get excited about, any day and any time. To say more, long walks with my camera and a bunch of new people in new places is may favourite way to explore new places…. <br> <br> Family is my strength and they have made me what I am. I love them
Why You Should Visit Saarbruecken, Germany's Riverside

Why You Should Visit Saarbruecken, Germany's Riverside Gem

The usual "10 places to visit" tourist attractions are not enough to reveal the secrets of this city. Living here for the past four years has given me the pleasure and time to explore the capital of the state of Saarland. The city, named after the river Saar, has its own pace that allows you take time off a busy travelling schedule and enjoy delights that you are unlikely to find elsewhere in Germany. Saarbruecken, the city that trails along the river, has a lot more than the riverbanks to explore.
30/09/2015 11:43 AM IST