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Somasekhar Sundaresan

Lawyer with a view

Somasekhar Sundaresan is a lawyer who specializes in financial sector regulatory work. He is involved in Indian public policy and regulatory development initiatives, with participation ranging from the Financial Sector Legislative Reform Commission to writing regulations on insider trading, takeovers, corporate governance, foreign capital flows and the like. He gets away from it all with yearly expeditions to the mountains and writing for the common man on law, its delights and perversities. He writes a fortnightly column Without Contempt in Business Standard and sits on the board of Oxfam India as an independent director. ‎

Good Gurus Don't Make Money?

In my column "Without Contempt" in Business Standard, I wrote about the disconnect between the business regulatory framework in India and what businesses actually need for growth and success. I placed the thesis in the context of the resounding commercial success of empires of gurus. Now, the subject of gurus presiding over wealthy empires is a prickly and sensitive subject. That commercial success is itself seen as stigmatizing in India, is borne out by some of the tweets that my column attracted from devotees of gurus...
26/04/2016 4:03 PM IST
JanPietruszka via Getty Images

‘Legal Confidential': An Exposé Of The Faustian World Of Commercial Law Practice

A book on how law firms operate is rare, particularly because of the inherent confidentiality obligation that binds lawyers. Yet, Ranjeev Dubey has taken the risk of writing a somewhat hyperbolic tell-all titled Legal Confidential: Adventures of an Indian Lawyer, largely narrating the story of how commercial law is practised (although he does risk confidentiality in the process).
11/03/2016 1:40 PM IST

How The Persecution Of Kanhaiya Kumar Pulled The Left Out Of The Red

The Delhi Police with its excesses, the black-coat-wearing assailants in Patiala House, and the hate-mongering television 'news' anchors have achieved what folks like EMS Namboodripad, Jyoti Basu, Inderjit Gupta, Prakash Karat, Gurudas Dasgupta, Sitaram Yechury and the like, could never have achieved. No one would not have invested so much time in listening to the views of a young student given to a certain worldview had it not been for the insecurity and aggressive censoriousness of those holding the contrary opinion.
07/03/2016 12:53 PM IST
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Now's The Time For SEBI To Embark On A Course Correction

SEBI's eighth chairman U K Sinha, considered a safe pair of hands across the political spectrum, has been granted another extension. The path ahead for the incumbent is challenging - there is much that needs sustained and long-term attention, even though he has just a year or so. There is need for course correction on some fronts, a sustained review of initiatives taken in the past five years, and the need for some fresh thinking.
16/02/2016 1:51 PM IST