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Smrita Jain

Designer, Aquario Group; Artist, Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design

Smrita Jain is an NYC based award-winning designer at The Aquario Group and artist at Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design, with studios located in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Smrita's art has been showcased in New York, London, and India. She likes to write about anything and everything! She has published two books Creating Durga and Fat Free Samosa. As an ex political science student, Smrita has many stories to share, from growing up in India to surviving in New York City. She likes to write about, art, design, photography, communications, poetry, traveling, women’s rights, vegan cooking, and animals. She has been urban farming since her school days and likes to surround herself with nature whenever possible. Smrita never knew that one day she would ever make it to Wikipedia.