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Sinjini Sengupta

Actuary, Writer and Artist

I am an Actuary by profession, and a blogger cum painter cum elocutionist by passion. I have mostly been into writing fictions, poems, observations and abstract pieces on Nature, etc as well as on Social Needs, Gender issues, Parenting and other Social Causes and Changes. Writing Short Stories has been so far my favourite genre. I write mostly in English but occasionally also in Bengali.
Let's Twist The Knots This

Let's Twist The Knots This Rakhi...

This post is not about the Rakshabandhan of adolescent game-playing. This post is also not about the myths and legends behind the festival, and nor is it about interpretations of brotherhood such as Tagore promoting the exchange of rakhis between Muslims and Hindus. Nope! This post is about twisting the rules even more fundamentally.
16/08/2016 1:20 PM IST
Women Bleed, Not

Women Bleed, Not Goddesses

Social taboos on menstruation cannot be defended with the eyewash of respect. Pedestals have never helped us in any way. All they have done is promote discriminations and disparities. Negative or positive, a larger-than-life interpretation of menstruation does not help women in any way. In my opinion, these glorifications are almost as dangerous as the taboos they are supposed to counter.
31/12/2015 12:12 PM IST
A Christmas Challenge: What's The One Thing That Could Make You As Happy As A

A Christmas Challenge: What's The One Thing That Could Make You As Happy As A Child?

The other day, my little daughter asked, "Mum, you tell me, what do you want from Santa Claus?" Ah! I don't have a reply. To be honest, I am still searching for an appropriate answer. Really, what is that one thing that would make me happy, that would make me ask for no more, nothing else, at least for one good year? It's strange how these simple questions became so complicated, intimidating, haunting if I may...
25/12/2015 8:39 AM IST
5 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Gender

5 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Gender Stereotypes

You see a cute onesie that is just perfect for your baby, but you sigh and buy another one instead because it has one fatal flaw: it's pink and you have a little boy. With seemingly trivial choices, we begin conditioning our children to gender roles before they can even speak in full sentences. We're doing them a huge disfavour.
21/12/2015 8:09 AM IST