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Simon Majumdar

Food Writer, Author & Broadcaster

Simon Majumdar is a world renowned broadcaster and author who has dedicated the second half of his time on this planet to fulfill his ambition to “Go Everywhere. Eat Everything”. It is a journey that has taken him to all fifty states and to dozens of countries around the world. He has written three books; Eat My Globe (2009) Eating for Britain (2011), and his latest book, Fed, White and Blue which catalogs his journey to American citizenship, published by Avery Press (an imprint of Penguin Books) in 2015. Simon is also a well-recognized personality on the Food Network, regularly appearing on shows such as Cutthroat Kitchen, Beat Bobby Flay, Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Extreme Chef. He has also recently appeared as an expert commentator on National Geographic's major series “EAT: The Story of Food”. He lives in Los Angeles.

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How Butter Chicken And Daal Literally Saved My

How Butter Chicken And Daal Literally Saved My Life

In 2006, I was still reeling from my mother's death. On top of this, the company for which I worked was flailing in an economic crisis. I had given up all hope and was standing on the balcony of my swish London apartment, ready to jump to oblivion. Luckily, the folks in the apartment below were cooking supper...
29/04/2016 11:34 AM IST