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Simi Mehta

Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellow, Ohio State University

Simi Mehta is a Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellow at Ohio State University, USA and a Research Scholar at American Studies Division of School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She writes on India’s politics and foreign policy.
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Martin Luther King: Changing The World With Love

Martin Luther King, Jr needs no introduction. On the third Monday of January, Martin Luther King Day is observed to mark his birthday and to celebrate his legacy, which continues to establish and shape the ideals of an inclusive and tolerant society, not only building bridges between Americans of all races, creeds and colours, but also fostering intercultural and inter-faith understanding among people all over the world.
19/01/2016 8:39 AM IST

How Bihar Shattered The Spell Of Modi-Shah 'Magic'

Abraham Lincoln's articulation of the concept of democracy -- of the people, for the people, by the people -- seems to have strongly reverberated across Bihar. The mandate of the Biharis has brought huge embarrassment to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led NDA alliance. Embarrassment for several reasons, foremost being PM Narendra Modi assuming unto himself the task of leading the election campaign.
12/11/2015 2:22 PM IST

Honb'le Prime Minister, Your Silence Is Killing This Nation

Mr Prime Minister, you have finally spoken on the Dadri lynching, but your deafening silence in general is holding the harmony of India to hostage. You've been in power for well over a year and in this short time the country has already witnessed one of its worst phases of inter-personal, inter-caste, inter-religious abhorrence.
14/10/2015 3:56 PM IST