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Siddharth Sivakumar

Writer, Critic

<p>Siddharth Sivakumar is academically trained in English literature and takes keen interest in matters related to visual arts and culture. Siddharth writes regularly for print and online publications, and runs the cultural webzine Tinpahar.</p> <p></p> <p>He is a Business Skill Faculty working with the Tata Consultancy Services.  </p>
My Tryst With Chinese

My Tryst With Chinese ‘Democracy'

The highlight of my Chinese experience as part of a Visva Bharati delegation visiting Yunnan University was our introduction to "Chinese democracy". This nomenclature was interesting considering that most of the world considers democracy to be non-existent in China. Nonetheless, the term exists, and a vague idea of democracy is also referred to in intellectual circles. However, it is not considered to be as inspiring an ideal as it is in India.
20/07/2016 1:23 PM IST
What ‘Indian Culture’ Really Means In China And Other Revelations (Part

What ‘Indian Culture’ Really Means In China And Other Revelations (Part 1)

The Chinese people I encountered were as warm and welcoming as any other. They were particularly considerate of what they called "Indian culture". But when the Chinese employed the term "Indian culture", it wasn't used in its traditional sense to denote the diverse artistic and literary achievements of India…
11/07/2016 4:36 PM IST