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Sid Balachandran

Independent Writer. Award-Winning Blogger. SAHD.

Sid Balachandran is an independent writer, multi-award winning blogger and a short-story author, who has been published in a number of leading magazines and online portals. Professionally an engineer, Sid is now a work-from-home Dad, and he writes on parenting, social satire, humour, lifestyle and writing in general. 
Guys, Must You Really Squeeze Into Skinny Getty Images/iStockphoto

Guys, Must You Really Squeeze Into Skinny Jeans?

My sense of fashion isn't what you'd call trendsetting. But somewhere along the line, I seem to have missed the notice that a lot of other men seemed to have received. The notice that seems to have them convinced that skinny (or super-skinny, *shudder*) jeans are perfect for them.
24/08/2016 12:36 PM IST
How Social Media Brought Out My Inner Johner Images

How Social Media Brought Out My Inner Extrovert

I detested talking on the phone. I hated speaking to people I did not know well in person even more. I spoke to my classmates, parents and immediate cousins, of course, but my comfort zone did not extend very far. So you see, the person that a lot of you so frequently interact with and think is a delight to talk to (yes, I am a delight to talk to. I say so!), was never actually so to begin with.
13/08/2016 4:28 PM IST
Why Hope Springs Eternal For A ASSOCIATED PRESS

Why Hope Springs Eternal For A Parent

When the baby is in his or her mother's womb, as tiny as the nail on your pinky finger, you hope he or she blooms into a beautiful and healthy human being. When they eventually emerge into the world, you believe that nothing on this planet could make you wish for anything else, materialistic or otherwise. Ha! You wish!
11/06/2015 8:09 AM IST