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Shweta Taneja

Fiction author, non-fic journalist

Shweta Taneja is a fantasy author who swims in the occult. Her latest book is <em>Cult of Chaos</em>, a tantrik detective thriller.
5 Tips To A Spectacular Book

5 Tips To A Spectacular Book Pitch

A cover letter or an email which you will send across to editors across the country (or countries) can't be more than 200-300 words if you want it to be read. That's the one pager which will make all the difference on whether the editor will even pick up the first chapter of your manuscript. Which is why, the pitch is a nightmarish but important part of your path to publishing.
08/04/2015 8:09 AM IST
Reviving the Yogini: Shakti in Bleeding, Birthing,

Reviving the Yogini: Shakti in Bleeding, Birthing, Breastfeeding

Ancient tantrik texts mention that a yogini's power stems from her body, her femininity. She feels her power, or Shakti as it's called in tantrism, through her menstrual cycle, her fertility, her sexuality, her experience of childbirth and breastfeeding - experiences and paths to power that are completely shut to the male world. Unlike her, the only option her male counterpart has is to use kriya yoga (or physical poses) to awaken his chakras.
10/02/2015 8:39 AM IST
To Rajnikanth, With

To Rajnikanth, With Love

I am an outsider. I have no community. I belong to the middle class and in my building people nod and smile politely to each other, but they are too busy, with their televisions, or their phones, or their Internet, or their children, or worrying about their maids, or EMIs. They don't walk together, they don't laugh together.
13/01/2015 8:35 AM IST