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Shubhangi Patil

Writer, Artist, Cartoonist

Writer, Blogger. <br> <br> Objective : Want to write contents which are inspiring, which can give new ideas to improve everyday life of an ordinary individual. Writing for common means we will get to the root of a problem and hence we will be able to solve problems and that medium can only be through expressing. <br> <br> Skills of my writing : <br> <br> - Easy and simple so that this reaches to every individual which goes through it. <br> - Thinker which helps improves the writing and hence get those ideas working. <br> - Languages known : English, Hindi <br> - Good with grammar and punctuation. <br> - Good with communication skills. <br> <br> Blogs written On : <br> <br> - Food Wastage <br> - Circus <br> - Life experience about two individuals <br> - Duty V/S Love
Do Your Bit For Global Hunger: Stop Wasting

Do Your Bit For Global Hunger: Stop Wasting Food

Ultimately, one-third of the food produced for human consumption is wasted each year - that is 1.3 billion tonnes. So, what can <em>you</em> do to reduce the amount of food you waste on a daily basis?
30/12/2015 1:28 PM IST