Shruti Gochhwal

Co-Founder, Zappfresh

Shruti is the Co Founder of Gurgaon-based startup Zappfresh. She loves traveling, reading and is a dog lover. Born and brought up in Delhi, she is an Engineering graduate of NSIT and a foodie by heart.
Women And The Meat

Women And The Meat Business

When I decided to take a plunge into the meat business I received very cold reactions and resistance from family and peers. A few weeks ago, an uncle asked my mother about my business, to which she replied "<em>Kya batayein ji, batane layak hi nahi hai</em> (What can I say, it's not worth talking about)" with a faint smile on her face, even though secretly she is proud of what her daughter is doing.
18/09/2015 8:27 AM IST