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Shrisha Rao

Shrisha Rao is a computer scientist in Bangalore, India.

Shrisha Rao received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of
Iowa, and before that his M.S. in logic and computation from Carnegie Mellon
University. He is a professor at IIIT-Bangalore, a graduate school of information technology in Bangalore, India. Dr. Rao is an ACM Distinguished Speaker and a Senior Member of the IEEE. He is also a life member of the
American Mathematical Society and the Computer Society of India.
There's Nothing ‘Intolerant' About Protecting

There's Nothing ‘Intolerant' About Protecting Cows

The issue of eating beef has been ceaselessly exploited by vested interests of every flavour: in particular, by the left-wing elite as a litmus test for tolerance. However, no less a person than MK Gandhi had said, "Cow-protection is the dearest possession of the Hindu and heart...No one who does not believe in cow-protection can possibly be a Hindu." So, was the doyen of non-violence also an early proponent of intolerance?
19/11/2015 9:31 AM IST