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Shreya Ukil

Senior business leader; Equal pay campaigner for women

Shreya Ukil is a senior business leader and an equal pay campaigner for women. She has worked in the Tech industry for 15 years winning numerous awards for her contribution to business.

In 2014 shocked at Wipros refusal to accept her equal pay sex discrimination claims she launched a lawsuit against the company.
In a landmark judgement the UK tribunal ruled in her favour on the basis of equal pay, sex discrimination, unfair dismissal and victimisation.

Often called the Bengali Tigress, for her fearlessness and zero tolerance towards inequality and gender discrimination, Ms Ukil is a formidable fighter for women's rights. She believes in the motto 'Deeds not Words' and finds diversity awards patronising. She lives in London, has an MBA from the University of Leeds in England and a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing.
A Reason To #Remain: How The EU Protected Me From Gender Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

A Reason To #Remain: How The EU Protected Me From Gender Discrimination

The most common question I get asked is how I as an Indian woman won a sex discrimination/equal pay lawsuit against an Indian company, Wipro, in the UK courts. The answer is very simple: I was protected by the EU and British equal pay and discrimination legislation. This lawsuit has taught me many things and one of them is how mature the EU directive actually is in support of women's workplace rights.
24/06/2016 8:34 AM IST
Why I 'Dared' To Take On Shreya Ukil

Why I 'Dared' To Take On Wipro

The one question that I am being asked a lot recently is, how did I manage to overcome the many hurdles of taking on such a large corporate as Wipro? Even before I filed the [sex discrimination] lawsuit, I was advised by well-meaning senior leaders of the industry that it would be best to walk away and not take on an entity like Wipro that has all the financial and political muscle power that I obviously do not.
13/05/2016 12:20 PM IST