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Shreya Kalra

Freelance Writer, Photographer and Videographer

Listening to people's human stories is why I'm in the business. I love nosing around for a good, heartening piece to tell the world, through words or pictures. I earn to eat bread and flâneur around the world and I recently moved to the UAE from the UK and am working on a project for a local PR company.
10 Days In A 'Prison' Of My

10 Days In A 'Prison' Of My Choosing

I voluntarily submitted myself to prison for 10 days. I packed one bag with bare necessities and submitted myself, mind and body, to the Dhamma Sikhara Himachal Vipassana Centre. There I observed noble silence for the period of the course and refrained from reading, writing and any other entertaining activities. The timetable required me to wake up at 4am and meditate till 9pm, with shorts breaks in between for rest and meals.
01/05/2016 12:49 AM IST
Why UK'S New Healthcare Charge Is Unfair To International

Why UK'S New Healthcare Charge Is Unfair To International Students

Was the government trying to fill two needs with one deed when it passed a legislation introducing a health surcharge for non-EEA (European Economic Area) users? Until the first week of April, NHS services were free for all UK residents and non-UK residents alike. It is worth examining whether the introduction of this charge is reasonable considering the billions of pounds international students already contribute to the UK economy.
09/05/2015 4:39 AM IST