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Shiwani Neupane

Freelance writer

Shiwani Neupane is a freelance writer. Her novel <em>Crossing Shadows</em> will be published in September 2015.
The New Enemies Of

The New Enemies Of Nepal

India's messages on the Nepal Constitution made conspiracy theories come to life. The rumours that Madhes-based parties were using India to stall half of the nation by using violence as a means of protest seemed truer than before. Many started seeing these parties as pawns to India's bigger plans. And when India tried to force the government to incorporate the demands of these small parties, it exacerbated the fears of many Nepalis. With this came hyper-nationalism, the "imagined enemy" that the radical Left had been creating for a long time.
25/09/2015 2:28 PM IST
Why The Kailali ‘Protest' Was An Act Of

Why The Kailali ‘Protest' Was An Act Of Terror

On 24 August, the violent protests in Kailali, Nepal, resulted in the killings of at least seven security personnel (the number was as high as 20 according to other reports) and one is known to have been burned to death. I find myself asking, was this not an act of terrorism? In any other part of the world, if police officers were hacked to death, the consequences would be serious and protests and prayers for peace would immediately follow.
25/08/2015 3:27 PM IST