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Shilpa Godbole

Artist, Blogger, Runner

 Mother, daughter,wife, grand daughter, friend, runner, means most of my art and writings are women centric. Mixed media art and customized illustrations are my strong suit. I also work as a marketing consultant with apace, a specialized sports apparel brand.

'Pink' Power: Saying No Or Yes And Really Meaning It

Back in 1998 when I used to work for a private bank in Pune, I and other women colleagues were kind of used to garden variety flirting by the bank's customers. In those days, the ATM was only couple y...
11/10/2016 9:21 AM IST
Shilpa Godbole

How I Became A Born-Again Indian

After living in the US for more than a decade, when we decided to move back home, I had plenty of reservations. I had given us six months (at the most) to hang in there before packing up our bags and going back.
12/08/2016 2:40 PM IST

We Created Salman Khan, Escape Artist Extraordinaire [edited]

Just as Houdini inspired wonder for his logic-evading great escapes, Salman enthrals us with his powers of circumventing culpability for his actions and words. And guess who helps him with a feel-good pat on the back every time he escapes? Oh yeah, it's us, the aam janata.
27/07/2016 12:59 PM IST