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Shijoy Varughese

Policy Enthusiast - Education and Urban Governance

Shijoy is a North Indian born South Indian. A quintessential Malayali, he has a view on everything, especially politics. An occasional writer, he writes only when he feels outraged. However, that doesn't make him an outrageous writer. An engineer by qualification, he is a Gandhian by conviction. He frequently 'spams' public representatives with petitions demanding better governance and public services, and intermittently manages to get a favourable reply. He also has a penchant for humour and at present, he likes to think of himself as a public policy enthusiast with a passion for education and urban governance (No, he is not joking!).
How We Mapped Delhi's Mohalla Sabhas And Started A Silent

How We Mapped Delhi's Mohalla Sabhas And Started A Silent Revolution

It's generally been business as usual in the past few months in Delhi: high-decibel histrionics, raging national debates, sound and fury. But away from the media glare, a silent revolution has been brewing. A revolution that could change the way the country looks at Delhi and even the way Delhiites look at themselves. The Mohalla Sabhas promised by the Aam Aadmi Party are finally taking shape.
11/04/2016 8:26 AM IST
What The Biryani Says About ‘The Idea Of

What The Biryani Says About ‘The Idea Of India'

"Say 'idea of India' one more time..." I challenged my friend angrily, pointing a fork towards him. My weapon still had crumbles of chicken stuck in its narrow tines. A moment ago it was deftly, with surgical precision, making its way through the meat in my delicious Thalassery biryani. He was as calm as rookie political intellectuals are expected (read pretend) to be. With a confident demeanour he declared, "Don't fret, even the biryani you are eating is an example of an 'idea of India' and its myriad expressions."
07/11/2015 8:11 AM IST