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Shauravi Malik

Founder - Slurrp Farm

Founder - Slurrp Farm  Shauravi (and Meghana) seek to share the emotional travails and joys of feeding their own children (and themselves). Serious daily dilemmas such as – How should my family eat so that my child gains weight, while I lose it! Why is everyone doing more research on their cellphone and car, and laughing at me for reading the labels of what is on my plate? Should we be spending more time and money on exercising and buying better food and less on going to the doctor? Shauravi used to work for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, and in the Consumer and Healthcare team at JP Morgan in London. She studied Economics at Cambridge University and at St. Stephen's College in Delhi University. She loves food – cooking it, sharing it and eating it, after a very fussy start as a toddler! She has made a small dent into her passion for better food options for kids, by starting the company Slurrp Farm, with her partner-in-fun, Meghana. A strong desire to bring more awareness of traditional food habits that have existed for millennia in various parts of India; and the importance of bringing much of that back into the way we eat led to the #loverealfood movement. Join them in the journey! In the words of Michael Pollan - to find ways to junk the science, ditch the diet and rediscover the joys of eating. It's time to fall in love with food again.
Just Exhale, Your Fussy Eater Is Not Going To

Just Exhale, Your Fussy Eater Is Not Going To Starve

Feeding your child is such an emotional process. It’s what we want to do for them, to watch them grow and be healthy. Here are 10 things that helped us manage the tantrums along the way, along with a recipe that’s great for a quick and healthy calorie infusion.
05/09/2016 4:10 PM IST