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Shashank Shukla

Mason Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government; ex-soldier; teacher; politico-social activist

Shashank Shukla is a social entrepreneur in the field of rural education in India , an activist and a Teach For India fellow and a Mason Fellow from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. At the Kennedy School he was Chair of the South Asia Caucus and India Caucus. He has also served in the Indian Air Force and has led the National Program for the Urban Homeless across 8 states in India working with the Supreme Court Commissioners. Prior to that in his 7 year Corporate stint he worked as a Consultant and a Banker with organizations like GE, Citi and Infosys.His Political views are left of center and works for political empowerment of the Dalit community in association with the Scheduled Caste Department of the Indian National Congress.
Let's Not Be Fooled By The BJP's Good Cop-Bad Cop ASSOCIATED PRESS

Let's Not Be Fooled By The BJP's Good Cop-Bad Cop Routine

Prime Minister Modi has tried to brand himself as a liberal, urbane and patrician politician who stands for development and against strident communalism. In short, he likes to play "good cop". Simultaneously, certain legislators of his party (personified by Yogi Adityanath and his ilk) play bad cop by spewing vitriolic rhetoric against Pakistan and fanning communal passions through issues like beef, love jihad and ghar wapsi. One sells the dream of an economically resurgent India and the other panders to the xenophobic and communalistic sentiments of the majority community.
16/11/2015 8:16 AM IST
Let's Put An End To India's INDRANIL MUKHERJEE via Getty Images

Let's Put An End To India's Apartheid

Millions of Indians recently celebrated India's 69th Independence Day. Yet, more than 200 million Indians are yet to attain their independence. Independence from discrimination, independence from indignity and independence from atrocities. So, what is the reason for this centuries-old apartheid in India? Can we simply blame it on the caste system or are there other reasons? Can India ever attain true freedom for one-fifth of its citizens?
12/10/2015 8:10 AM IST
The Commonwealth Of Kashmir: A 3-Step AFP via Getty Images

The Commonwealth Of Kashmir: A 3-Step Proposal

In this model both India and Pakistan could lay claim to the territories, and citizens of both countries could have free access to the "Commonwealth of Kashmir". There would similar concessions for Kashmiris who could choose the citizenship of either India or Pakistan and yet stay peacefully in the "Commonwealth of Kashmir" as equal citizens.
20/07/2015 8:32 AM IST
India Is Becoming A Republic Of Getty Images

India Is Becoming A Republic Of Silence

I write this article as a personal appeal and in a state of alarm. Alarm at the efforts to silence all criticism against the current government. Alarm at the level of silence being practiced institutionally by the government, by the media, by civil society and by the public in general. Alarm at the fact that India is slowly but surely becoming a republic of silence.
15/06/2015 8:11 AM IST
Why I'm Fighting For Net Free Press Pics/Flickr

Why I'm Fighting For Net Neutrality

Many of us grew up searching for assignment answers on Google, playing games online, developing crushes while chatting and discovering the joys of Skyping with family even while being a world away. I wish the same for all future generations to come and that is possible only when we have an open and equally accessible Internet for all.
05/05/2015 8:26 AM IST
Why India Needs Rahul The India Today Group via Getty Images

Why India Needs Rahul Gandhi

What I present is a counterview to the popular narrative that has been built around Rahul Gandhi. My writing is based on watching him and his politics over the years, but with one critical difference -- the absence of preconceived notions. This attitude has enabled me to separate the perception from the facts, leading me to assert that India needs a politician like Rahul Gandhi. I would like to debunk a few popular myths that have been carefully built around him.
21/04/2015 8:07 AM IST
The Disintegration Of Dalit ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Disintegration Of Dalit Politics

Dalit politics may have started with Dr Ambedkar, but he probably never envisioned that it would assume the opportunistic form it has today. This erosion of values and the fracturing of the community along the lines of sub-castes may well result in the death of Dalit politics as we know it today.
20/04/2015 8:12 AM IST
Muslim, Who? The Case Of An 80% Prime Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Muslim, Who? The Case Of An 80% Prime Minister

Over the last 10 months, as Narendra Modi went about his business as the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy and secular nation, the Sangh Parivar and other Hindu fundamentalist groups busied themselves with ghar wapsi, beef bans and church attacks. And I as an ordinary Indian citizen now prepare to pen down the obituary of an electoral category called the Muslim voter.
30/03/2015 8:00 AM IST
Deficit Or Investment: A Case For Universal Health Coverage In ASSOCIATED PRESS

Deficit Or Investment: A Case For Universal Health Coverage In India

While it is evident that India needs to step up investments in healthcare, there is fierce debate among healthcare professionals about universalisation versus targeted healthcare coverage primarily due to the huge financial costs. In this article I would argue that universalisation of healthcare is in fact cost-effective as well as much more doable both socially and politically. I would further state that instead of targeting beneficiaries, it would be much more beneficial to target interventions with the highest returns.
04/03/2015 8:11 AM IST
Life And Death Of Gandhiji Hold Lessons For A World In ASSOCIATED PRESS

Life And Death Of Gandhiji Hold Lessons For A World In Conflict

In today's strife-torn world divided along race, religion, region, class and creed, the practice of Satyagraha becomes even more relevant. A peaceful struggle based on the principles of truth, non-violence and fierce belief in the righteousness of one's cause appeals to the moral conscience of the adversary, builds popular support without the threat of violence, and thus creates an atmosphere of dialogue and resolution for even the thorniest issues.
06/02/2015 8:24 AM IST
One Land, One People, Two ASSOCIATED PRESS

One Land, One People, Two Nations

I dream of a day when I can eat the biryani in Gawalmandi street in Lahore and my friends can eat the golgappe in Delhi. A day when we can harness the collective youth and energy of the subcontinent to restore the pride, prosperity and peace that is due to this land, which is the cradle of civilisation.
19/01/2015 8:15 AM IST
The Idea of Adrian Pope via Getty Images

The Idea of India

The current challenges facing Indian society and how Indian society goes about resolving them provides a unique window into how differences can be resolved through peace and democracy.
08/12/2014 3:52 PM IST