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Sharmistha Dutta


A 12 -year stint as an Designer and Art director in Advertising Industry established Sharmistha as a promising talent destined to reach appreciable heights in her career.

But all this while, a constant urge to do photography egged her on to take up the camera and when she did so, the transformation was dramatic. Before long, Sharmistha had embarked on her journey as a committed photographer.

Her most prominent work has been ‘Durga’ , a photo project on social discrimination of women, specially the widows in India. The work has been very well received and was part of an International Photo festival held in India last year.

She has been doing commercial assignments and has photographed for some very respectable organisations like BBC Media, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNIFEM and Future India Trust.

When not documenting social issues, she loves to photograph landscapes and old architecture. And of course portraiture also fascinates her. She has shot for a few well know Designers and Artists. She has been successfully exhibiting her work with a lot of respectable galleries in India and abroad. Her work has been published in several national newspapers and magaines as well.

You can follow her work at:
PHOTOS: Glimpsing Durga Among India's Abandoned

PHOTOS: Glimpsing Durga Among India's Abandoned Widows

"Durga" is a study on gender bias and the extreme discrimination against widows in India. It lays bare the hypocrisy of a society that chooses to shower adulation on one woman and extreme humiliation on another. The idea was to visually demonstrate how Goddess Durga is present in every woman, whether she belongs to the upper echelons of society, whether she's a middle-class working woman, a humble village girl or even a widow, who's so callously abandoned when her husband dies.
26/05/2016 8:12 AM IST