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Shaira Mohan

Freelance Writer, Marketer

Shaira Mohan is a Marketing professional with over 4 years of experience in the Corporate sector as a Marketing Associate. She has an MA Management degree from the University of Nottingham in England. She is a blogger and a Freelance Writer. Blog name : Scribbles ( She currently resides in Germany with her husband.
5 Basic Values That Could Save Your

5 Basic Values That Could Save Your Marriage

Most people are not like the guys over at the Meteorological Department. They don't have access to equipment that can tell them if the following week will be sunny or stormy. A couple has no way of predicting how happy or unhappy they will be five years down the line. What they can do, however, is influence what the future will look like by acting in a certain way <em>now</em>.
23/04/2015 8:12 AM IST
The Prodigal Entertainer: Mr. Rahul

The Prodigal Entertainer: Mr. Rahul Gandhi

I read recently that while Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Vice President and MP of Amethi is on a mysterious sabbatical, posters offering a reward for the "missing" politician have popped up in Amethi; even Bollywood song lyrics have been employed to lament his absence. I am extremely amused each time I come across such anecdotes surrounding the infamous and elusive Mr. Gandhi. Who says he does not deliver? I say he delivers complete entertainment.
01/04/2015 8:14 AM IST
Let Us Save Men From Becoming

Let Us Save Men From Becoming Rapists

It is important, and I'd even say mandatory, for each and every person to SEE this film--to see with their own eyes and be AWARE of the gravity of the danger every woman faces today. We desperately need to educate our young men. I think we should show such documentaries right from the school level to teach young men the importance of respecting and coexisting with women rather than treating them as objects to use or violate.
13/03/2015 4:28 PM IST