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Sean Blagsvedt

CEO and Founder,

Sean Blagsvedt is the CEO of, which connects employers to informal sector employees in the developing world - such as delivery helpers, maids and drivers - through a combination of mobile phones, location, skill and price filtering and social connections. The site has registered over 2 million job seekers, added 2.5 million job positions and primarily uses the concept of missed calls to get the jobseekers to their database. <br> <br> Previously, Sean spent 9 years with Microsoft in the Office, Windows and Research groups. In 2004, Sean moved to Bangalore as the 3rd member of Microsoft Research India, heading the Program Management and Advanced Prototyping team, focusing on novel approaches to mobile phones and technology in emerging markets. <br> <br> Prior to Microsoft, Sean worked at the White House with the Internet Policy czar, Ira Magaziner. Sean holds dual bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Public Policy from Brown University (1998). He is a TED Fellow and married to founder Archana Prasad.