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Saurav Roy

Aspiring lawyer | Entrepreneur | Journalist

Saurav Roy is a student at ILS Law College, Pune. He is an avid writer and whilst he focuses on sports journalism, he also works as a freelance content writer and has been published in outlets like The Intellectual Post, YellowSeed Content Solutions, Decent Neta etc. <br> <br> He has a penchant for debating and public speaking. He aspires to be a transactional lawyer. <br> <br> He has worked with 2 international NGOs, namely Alexis Society and Association of World Citizens; the latter being a UNDPI and ECOSOC certified NGO. His work includes spreading awareness on UN Sustainable Development Goals and Humanitarian Effectiveness and Youth Participation respectively and also carrying out research into various facets of international policy of nations. <br> <br> He is the Founding Partner at Capture Publishing LLP, an online-publication venture which owns Pictorially Speaking, a lifestyle magazine.
Concrete Steps, Not Proselytizing Will Bring Gender Equality To

Concrete Steps, Not Proselytizing Will Bring Gender Equality To India

Feminist activists are continually advocating for a more progressive society, along with a gradual loosening of the shackles of patriarchy. While it might sound extremely easy theoretically, the fruition of the objective seems almost utopic. Some argue that the solution is possible once the mindset of society is changed, but that too is easier said than done. A more achievable and realistic solution to the problem lies in a combination of individual effort, stringent legislation and efficient protection of the statutory rights of women.
13/06/2016 8:30 AM IST
We're Seeing Growth Under The BJP, But Where's The

We're Seeing Growth Under The BJP, But Where's The Progress?

Progress isn't simply numbers, statistics and a graph showing economic growth. True progress is achieved when the public feels included and happy to be a part of the nation. That is, in status quo, certainly not the case and instead of feeling assured and secure about their rights and liberties, people are living in constant fear and insecurity over their actions.
07/04/2016 8:30 AM IST