Sarah Munir


The writer is a graduate from the Columbia Journalism School and is currently working as the magazine editor for The Express Tribune, Pakistan.
I am not Charlie

I am not Charlie Hebdo

I am a journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan. I am part of a news organisation that was attacked by militants thrice in 2014 for its stance on extremism and militancy. Gunmen pelted our office entrance with bullets, threw grenades at the building and attacked an office news van on assignment. Three people lost their lives while another was injured and paralysed for life. But you do not know this and you probably never will.
13/01/2015 8:17 AM IST
And Then They Came For Our

And Then They Came For Our Children...

But instead of looking the monsters in the eye and calling them out for what they really were, we let them into our mosques, our markets and our homes. It was only a matter of time before they came for our children too. And now in their tiny coffins, lie their dead bodies and our dead souls.
21/12/2014 8:36 AM IST