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Sapna Kedia

Development research professional

Sapna Kedia has been working as a development research professional for over five years. Currently, she works as a Consultant and provides research, diagnostic and coordination support to the World Bank's Governance Unit in India. Her work centres on strengthening governance and public service delivery, with a focus on creating an efficient and inclusive governance and development framework in the country. She is deeply passionate about gender equality and seeks to work towards building a gender-sensitive policy-making environment.
Air Pollution: Why We All Need To Be

Air Pollution: Why We All Need To Be Accountable

Each one of us is knowingly contributing to air pollution. We take air and air quality for granted like we do many other aspects of our natural environment. We are all forthcoming in identifying the problem and its effects, but there is no acknowledgement of our personal contribution to it. There's a complete absence of a proactive stance in working towards addressing it. We are all seeking greener pastures elsewhere; we do not take responsibility of where we are.
26/08/2015 8:22 AM IST