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Santhosh Babu

Managing Director of OD Alternatives

The author is the Managing Director of OD Alternatives, celebrity coach and facilitates leadership development & organisational transformation.
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Using 360-Degree Feedback To Kick-Start Positive Change

We all know that self-awareness is the first step in creating a profound change or improvement in oneself. While reflecting on our own actions and behaviours is necessary to build self-awareness, discovering what others think about us can also be extremely useful. The corporate world is aware of this, which is why 360-degree feedback is a popular assessment mechanism used by many companies.
21/06/2016 1:19 PM IST
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5 Questions That Will Lead You To Your True Self

Many a times we create layers of protection around our real self and create a false persona, which makes it difficult to understand and accept who we really are. We might hold on to this false identity throughout our life without challenging and examining it. So what are some of the things we could do to build greater self-awareness? Here are some tips that will help you to reflect and explore your true self.
24/04/2016 12:17 AM IST