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Sanjeev Duggal

CEO and MD, Centum Learning

Mr Sanjeev Duggal is CEO & MD of Centum Learning and Co-Chair of FICCI Skill Development Forum. A sociologist by education, he is instrumental in transforming the perception of skills development from need-based to a necessity in India. His passion for people development and entrepreneurship led to the creation of Centum Learning in 2006. Today, Centum is recognized as one of the foremost multinational training and skills company with a presence that spans 21countries. Under his leadership, Centum Learning has received several awards including Highest Performing Partner Award from National Skills Development Corporation for 2012-13, International Skilling Award from Assocham and has figured among the Top 15 Leaders in Training Outsourcing Worldwide for four consecutive years. Prior to Centum Learning, Mr Duggal founded and led India’s premier training and consulting organization, which was later sold to the Reliance Group. With over three decades of experience, Mr Duggal has a track record of establishing successful ventures and initiating change management to unlock value. A prolific speaker, Mr Duggal is considered a thought leader on issues such as people, capability, training and skills development and oft-quoted in the media and industry forums. Given his zeal to improve employability of the workforce and Indian youth, he is Co-chairman of FICCI Skill Development Forum. He was recently invited to share his perspective on skills development at the African Development Conference, organized by Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University. He is also a visiting faculty at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and affiliated with several forums and companies as a board member. Besides he is a trustee of a leading Human Rights NGO called Breakthrough. He has been recognized as a visionary with several accolades and honors bestowed over the years. These include Udyog Rattan Award by the Institute of Economic Studies and the Award for “Creating Corporate Advantage in Global Economy” by the Delhi School of Economics. Mr. Duggal is also actively involved in CSR activities under the name of Centum Foundation and leads a project of Bharti Foundation to enhance competencies of primary school teachers in villages across India.