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Sanjay Modi

Managing Director, (India/Middle East/ Southeast Asia/Hong Kong)

Sanjay Modi is current working as the Managing Director for India, Middle East, Southeast Asia & Hong Kong at Over the years, Sanjay has been able to establish a high ground for Monster vis-à-vis the online recruitment space, which in turn has had a significant impact on the company’s global footprint. Sanjay’s entrepreneurial approach has helped Monster in India to expand in rural markets by conceptualizing along with ITC e Choupal, connecting rural India to the main stream. The initiative has been acknowledged by prestigious Business Call to Action, supported by UNDP.

His deep understanding of the business nuances and his experience of over 20 years has seen him in leadership roles at, NIIT and Ingersoll Rand (India). He holds a master’s degree in Business Management and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Social Media: Friend Or

Social Media: Friend Or Foe?

Spiderman once famously said, "With great power comes great responsibility", and this holds true, aptly enough, for the web too. The power of the Internet and social media to break news as it unfolds is mind boggling. It's not just traditional news agencies that are actively leveraging social media to disseminate information - even common citizens are using such platforms to report and share news. However, for many, the responsibility that Spiderman spoke of has taken a backseat to the enticements of momentary fame.
14/12/2015 8:55 AM IST