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Sanjay Jha

National Spokesperson, Indian National Congress party

Sanjay Jha is the Executive Director of the world-famous Dale Carnegie Training operations in India, which has a global experience of having worked with over 400 of the Top Fortune 500 companies. Sanjay is an Executive Coach and Mentor who has advised top management, including CEO’s as well as senior political leaders.

He has made several contributions to Business Standard, Indian Express, Financial Express, Hindustan Times, Mid-Day, Tehelka, India Today blogs and, and appears regularly to air his views on print and television. He has founded one of the world’s leading internet portals called CricketNext.Com, now part of the Network 18 media Group.

Prior to starting Dale Carnegie, Sanjay was instrumental in setting up the private sector mutual fund industry in India , having worked as a Senior Vice President with ITC Threadneedle Asset Management (part of BAT plc, UK) and as a Vice President , Alliance Capital (New York, USA). His career in banking included stints with both Bank of America and ANZ Grindlays Bank. He started his career in sales with Bharat Petroleum.

Jha completed his MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur and his Master’s in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, University of Pune. He graduated with distinction in Economics from Fergusson College, Pune.
Sanjay has also written a cricket anthology titled 11—Triumphs, Trials and Turbulence in Indian cricket. Jha has recently authored a book called The Superstar Syndrome (The Making Of A Champion), co-authored with Dr. Myra White, who is a Professor at the Harvard Medical School. This book published by Random House was launched in August 2013 and featured in the Crossword bestseller list.

How Modi Let Down India In Just One Year

Narendra Modi rode a rhapsodic wave to 7 Race Course Road amidst frenzied BJP supporters, media calisthenics, promotional blitz and mind-boggling promises of acchhe din. Twelve months later, it is established that Modi has no magic wand. Or a unique panacea for India's diverse challenges. In fact, he has come up woefully short. Despite being a Congress spokesperson, I shall attempt to be dispassionate and prejudice-free in this brief synopsis of a year that was annus horribilis for us.
08/05/2015 8:09 AM IST
SANJAY KANOJIA via Getty Images

The Tree Of Death

Gajendra Singh Rajput is dead. The Rajasthani farmer leaves us to find the bone-marrow truth of India's farmer suicides. We have to move beyond mere statistical jugglery and sanctimonious sympathies.
29/04/2015 9:30 AM IST
NOAH SEELAM via Getty Images

Why India Inc Needs To Listen To Satyam's Swan Song

White-collar and Armani-suited crime usually escapes harsh public condemnation because it is committed by high society's sophisticated gentry under the reassuring veneer of corporate respectability against a Davos backdrop. But Satyam and now Sahara have attracted public ridicule. Corporate malfeasance is out of the cupboard.
16/04/2015 8:11 AM IST
SAJJAD HUSSAIN via Getty Images

Finding Miss Fonseca

At Bishop's School in Pune, I initially felt like an outcast. It was truly an urban, cosmopolitan institution and had a diverse assembly of boys... Miss Fonseca was my favourite teacher and, I must confess, my first crush. She taught us music. I ensured that I stood in the front row and sang louder than others to demonstrate my enthusiasm.
31/03/2015 8:01 AM IST
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Modi And The Paradox Of The Middle-Class Millennials

All political parties are trying to grapple with this demanding, confounding creature -- the middle-class millennial. When PM Narendra Modi mocks MNREGA allocations on live TV in Parliament, he is essentially talking to them. Modi wants young urban India to believe that budgetary allocations for the poor, contemptuously dismissed as doles, are a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. He has succeeded in selling this distorted economic philosophy. But for how long?
20/03/2015 8:11 AM IST