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Sanil Sachar


Sanil Sachar is a twenty-four-year-old author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a movie producer from New Delhi, India. Having written over 120 poems, 25 pieces of fictional stories and 3 scripts, he is one of the few writers in the country who has successfully published an amalgamation of these three forms of literature.

His books entail, ‘Summer Promises and Other Poems’ and ‘The Dark Side of Light’.

His third book, a mystery about a schizophrenic, titled Rebound, is set to release in 2017, while he is currently writing a movie script. Sachar has previously written and directed for theatre.

A writer who develops his work through real life incidents, Sanil is a firm believer that fiction is spurred by reality.

An avid sportsperson, Sanil is one of the co-owners of the sports brand Trusox, with which he aims to propel the sports industry in India. Apart from his entrepreneurial ventures, Sanil is a mentor to writers and a key orator at festivals. He has addressed crowds at Jaipur Literature Festival, Dehradun Literature Festival and several others around the country, also having addressed firms like Google, Wipro, TCS , etc. as a creativity, innovation and leadership coach.

A method writer who lives vicariously through his characters, Sanil aims to live his life one word at a time.

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