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Sanchita Khurana

Lecturer (English literature), research scholar, blogger and yogi

Sanchita Khurana is a blogger by passion, lecturer (in English literature) by profession, yogi by inclination and a constant learner. She has recently found herself to be severely pronoid and thus receives the gifts of abundance, joy, health and love everyday with grace. Sanchita is currently a research scholar in Visual Studies and Aesthetics at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in India.
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Yoga Changed My Life, But I'm Squirming At Its Politicized Celebration

Yoga is not about becoming slim or beautiful. It is also not about trying to be 'cool' or 'hippie'. It is, in fact, about making peace with your body type and learning to not give a damn about standards of beauty that are not set by yourself! Yoga is not competitive; quite the contrary, in fact. It is the life-affirming realization of perfection in imperfection; the feeling that one is complete as they are.
20/06/2015 6:29 PM IST