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Sanam Sharma

Writer, Poet, Author

Originally from Punjab, India. Now in Melbourne, Australia.  Abundantly opinionated, adequately grounded, and moderately flawed. I try not to hold back an opinion.

After years of being a paper napkin poet, I recently became an author of an anthology. My first book Tamed Words is out now. A collection of 36 poems, this book is my 'one giant leap', towards writing.

My second collection of poetry is out now titled 'Molten Eternities' - its an e-book available globally on Amazon websites.

You can reach me on Twitter @thesmalltownboy, or by email, or check out my Facebook page @

Becoming A Published Poet Cured Me Of Crippling

Becoming A Published Poet Cured Me Of Crippling Self-Doubt

My book is a culmination of a dream that was stitched over a long time as I grew up, and which, at times, seemed improbable. For me it signifies the triumph of a “below par” schoolboy who always wrestled with doubt and wondered if he was good enough at anything. Getting this volume of poetry out bolstered my self-belief and gave me faith that I too could carve a little corner for myself in a wide wide world.
21/07/2016 11:33 AM IST
Indians Are Not Intolerant, They're Luca Zampedri via Getty Images

Indians Are Not Intolerant, They're Desperate

India's strong moral fabric often haemorrhages in the hands of opportunistic power mongers. The naiveties of its masses are preyed upon by the power-hungry, robbing them of opportunities to thrive and prosper. Bereft of choices and let down by their supposed caretakers, the disenchanted masses are bound to develop an affinity for anarchy in their struggle for survival.
06/07/2016 7:46 AM IST
Learning From The Un-Indianness Of Raghuram Mike Theiler / Reuters

Learning From The Un-Indianness Of Raghuram Rajan

The rational and fact-based views of the Indian economy and its future, as often presented by Rajan, ran the risk of empowering the citizens and making them aware of the real challenges faced by their nation. That was extremely un-Indian of Rajan, no doubt. How could the political parties have allowed him to derail their shabby rhetoric of "acchhe din" and so on?
22/06/2016 8:30 AM IST
Votes Matter, Voters Do ASSOCIATED PRESS

Votes Matter, Voters Do Not

"Democracy" in India continues to be severely impaired. It is mercifully loaned to the citizens only to cast a vote during elections, but at all other times "democracy" remains a mere throwaway phrase, conveniently molested by the Indian political class.
28/05/2016 12:32 AM IST
Chetan Bhagat, Barkha Dutt And A Tale Of Two Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Chetan Bhagat, Barkha Dutt And A Tale Of Two Chitthis

I was pleased to read Chetan Bhagat's letter to the youth of Kashmir. It seemed like a sincere attempt at conveying a heartfelt opinion to perhaps the most disenchanted group of citizens in India. I remember feeling an urge to send him a tiny tweet back, appreciating his write-up. But in the meantime, Chetan Bhagat unravelled himself on Twitter. He did not have to seek the assistance of a troll to do so. Instead, he shot off a tweet to the famed Barkha Dutt, seeking feedback...
10/05/2016 6:27 PM IST