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Samiran Ghosh

CIO, Asia, Dun and Bradstreet

Samiran Ghosh currently leads the Technology Function for Dun & Bradstreet across Asia Pacific. His key responsibilities include consolidation of the IT function at a regional level and supporting the business growth of Asia Pacific markets through technology.

• Guest author and regular contributor at CIO Asia, CIO Asia Outlook, Huffington Post, MIS Asia, Enterprise Innovation, Bureaucracy Today
• Guest lecturer /conducts workshops at premier IITs / IIMs and international universities.
• Certified author for the e learning industry.
• Been on the Board of Studies of several colleges.
• Works with academicians of leading institutions to influence real world content inclusion in teaching pedagogy.
• Involved with the startup sector /community in the Country and the role technology and entrepreneurship plays in thriving Community development.

Credentials & Awards:
At IBM involved in the development of a services-led Smarter Planet offering which was first-of-a-kind delivery model to leverage the power of SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud) and is currently pending patent at the US Patent Office.
Received the IBM Global CIO Leadership Award in 2006 and 2008; amongst a select few at IBM to be awarded the CIO Leadership Award twice.
The only person from IBM India to get a one-year sabbatical to work at the National Institute for Smart Government on the UID project and other initiatives.
Country Manager Delivery Excellence Award',
'GBS India Beacon Award', 'IBM Eminence and Excellence'

Other than work…..
He is involved with charities working primarily in the education space. As an individual, through an organization called Caring Friends.
Social media aficionado& a blogger out of passion who loves to explore and learn more about the social space.
He loves to remain current with world history, geo-political & literary developments across the globe in his free time and would love to explore the writing platform and collaborate with aspiring writers in making.
Passionately interested in the public service space and how technology can contribute in improving upon the life of an ordinary citizen.
Enjoys interacting with students and young professionals and mentor them and learn from them in the process.
Actively involved in animal welfare and a proud parent of a Labrador retriever.
Vacancies, Vacancies Everywhere: Why The Government Can't Attract The Right

Vacancies, Vacancies Everywhere: Why The Government Can't Attract The Right Talent

Back in 2011, <em>The Economic Times</em> reported that there were more than a million vacancies in central government jobs. We have no reason to believe that things have improved. And it is not because we have run out of people in the country to fill them. We are just unable to get people with the right skills to take these jobs anymore.
04/03/2016 8:17 AM IST