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Samina Motlekar

Advertising film producer, Youtube content creator and a freelance writer

Samina Motlekar is an advertising film producer, a Youtube content creator and freelance writer.
'Puli' Review: A Flop Fairy

'Puli' Review: A Flop Fairy Tale

Follow Us On Twitter | Contact HuffPost India The story goes back and forth multiple times in a bid to explain causes and
02/10/2015 1:04 PM IST
Why We Love The 'Idiot' Movie

Why We Love The 'Idiot' Movie Hero

Could it be that we just want to laugh and so we laugh at their expense? And then go home thinking, "I may be bad, but not as big an idiot as him." Or does the idiot speak for us; say the things we would never dare say. Not just cliched generalisations like "She's fair, therefore Brahmin", or "Meat eater, ergo Muslim". Things that political correctness will never let us say.
27/08/2015 9:38 AM IST
The Faux Feminism In 'Tanu Weds Manu

The Faux Feminism In 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns'

In the sequel to <em>Tanu Weds Manu</em>, the lead female character hasn't changed much. Tanu, once a consumer of cheap spirits in Kanpur, now gulps down large quantities of red wine and beer in London. And with every bottle she is telling us something. See how cool I am, so liberated. I don't need my husband's permission to drink. Indeed I don't need my husband at all, so I've consigned him to a mental asylum.
27/05/2015 4:53 PM IST