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Sameer Bhat

Editor, Blogger, Writer and Social Media Specialist

Editor, Blogger, Writer and Social Media Specialist
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A Social Visit In Kashmir

Every time I made an attempt, they sent me back. I was in Kashmir recently. As has happened many times in the past, I got caught up in the midst of political upheaval. There were no signs of any impen...
06/10/2016 3:32 PM IST
Creative-idea via Getty Images

Anti-Nationals, Cockroaches And Gutter-Level Debate: Are We Flirting With The Language Of The Third Reich?

Anupam Kher recently implied in the context of the JNU debate that "cockroaches, insects and vermin" were being subjected to "pest control". Exactly this sort of intemperate and incendiary language was deployed by the Third Reich to demonize and 'otherize' those who didn't agree with them. They selectively applied it to Jews and gypsies, opponents and gays alike. In Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler constantly referred to the 'others' as insects and vermin to drive home a point that they were lesser human beings who had to be extirpated.
24/02/2016 7:09 AM IST

Why Academic Freedoms Matter

To brand everyone who disagrees with you "anti-national" and "pseudo-secular" not only reflects the poverty of the cultural right's vocabulary but its addiction to anti-intellectualism. The crackdown on JNU is asinine at many levels. A university is a workshop of imagination. It is where ideas clash, nurture, commingle, sparkle.
18/02/2016 3:37 AM IST