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Sambit Dash

Faculty, Manipal University

Sambit Dash teaches at Manipal University and comments on public policies.
The Faults In Our Teachers: Is There A

The Faults In Our Teachers: Is There A Remedy?

One of the most belittling comments about teachers, unfortunately with more than an iota of truth in it, was made by famous Irish polemicist George Bernard Shaw. To paraphrase: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.” In India, where education, from the primary to higher levels, is in shambles, with minuscule islands of excellence, a lot of people find great truth in Shaw's words. Yet, however criminal it may be for a teacher to be absent, vengeful, incompetent and callous, the buck actually does not stop at him or her alone.
03/09/2016 4:36 PM IST
The 400-Year-Old Mystery Of William

The 400-Year-Old Mystery Of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare died on 23 April, 1616, 400 years to the day. The body of work of the most famous English language writer is familiar to millions of readers, whose imagination it has captured steadfastly through four centuries. Shakespeare's plays are always contemporary, finding meaning and relevance in the times they are read or produced. Shakespeare finds application in disciplines ranging from literature to medicine to business. Yet William Shakespeare--the person--has always remained shrouded in enigma.
23/04/2016 8:27 AM IST
Why We Need Better Academic Research For Health

Why We Need Better Academic Research For Health Policymaking

Extensive and excellent research is usually published to dissect a policy <em>after</em> it is implemented instead of providing a sound <em>basis</em> to one. It is imperative that academics are made aware of these shortfalls so that they base their studies, report their evidence and steer their message in a manner that is useful for policymaking.
19/02/2016 8:15 AM IST
Why India Needs To Take A Cue From The New US Dietary

Why India Needs To Take A Cue From The New US Dietary Guidelines

Nutrition policymaking is a much neglected sector. On one hand there is no significant research in the Indian context, and on the childhood obesity and non-communicable diseases are on the rise, burdening the already fragile healthcare system. The National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), or any other competent body, needs to undertake an exercise like the USDA to formulate research-based dietary guidelines for India.
18/01/2016 8:23 AM IST
Why Prevention Is Better Than

Why Prevention Is Better Than Prohibition

Prohibition is back in the limelight with the Supreme Court upholding the Kerala government's new liquor policy which bans drinking in public and restricts its serving to 5-star hotels. However, is prohibition a panacea to the ills related to alcohol consumption? Certainly not.
04/01/2016 8:33 AM IST