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Research Fellow, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy

Sakshi graduated with a B.A. LLB (Hons.) from National Law School of India University in 2014. She subsequently obtained the BCL from University of Oxford in 2015. At present, she is working as a Research Fellow at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, New Delhi.
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The Sobering Reasons Behind Punjab's Descent Into Drugs

Based on our fieldwork and series of interviews earlier this year, we have observed how Punjab moved away from being a mere trafficking route to a market for local consumption. We have considered three factors that were frequently encountered in interviews, namely, migrant economy, unemployment, and failure of agriculture as key elements of our analysis.
27/06/2016 8:27 AM IST
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UNGASS 2016: Nations Call For A Humane Approach To Drug Problem, But Is India Listening?

In the recently concluded Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGASS) on the World Drug Problem, 2016, a shift towards a "humane solution" was mooted, emphasizing that the international community should focus beyond criminalization and enforcement in order to initiate an effective drug policy. India, however, represented by its Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley, made a statement urging the global community to toughen its collective fight against drug trafficking...
15/06/2016 8:43 AM IST
Rupak De Chowdhuri / Reuters

How 'The Future Of The Nation' Fell By The Wayside In Union Budget 2016

In India, the total number of children (0-18 years of age group) is 472 million and accounts for 39% of our total population. It would be a fair assumption that the category designated as the future of the nation ought to be secured a good future through substantial investment in their development. Unfortunately, budgetary allocation for children has been experiencing a decline. The overall percentage share of resources allocated for children has fallen from 4.52% in 2014-15 to 3.26% in 2015-16.
17/05/2016 8:22 AM IST