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Sakshee Chawla

Smithie, writer, artist and avid reader

Sakshee Chawla, currently a rising junior at Smith College, is originally from New Delhi, India. She is majoring in Economics and Psychology, focusing more specifically on Behavioral Economics. Her interests include traveling, debating, reading and drawing.
Don't Ban The Documentary, Ban

Don't Ban The Documentary, Ban Misogyny

The government banning this film proves how weak our state is. By going to the courts, the Indian government is turning a blind eye to this woman and the many women who have been subjected to this kind of discrimination. It reflects the government's lack of desire to work toward lasting changes. We take pride in being a democracy, but hide behind a ban when a documentary really highlights a condemnable social plague that we have just accepted to be a part of our lives.
11/03/2015 8:18 AM IST