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Sajin Shrijith

Film enthusiast, computer science student

I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer Applications. I am also a self-described film geek and an online film critic.
Why I Will Be Rooting For Whiplash During The

Why I Will Be Rooting For Whiplash During The Oscars

Newcomer Damien Chazelle has crafted something that I think is the best to have come out of Hollywood in a long time. It's outstanding. It's at once gripping, technically superb and incredibly well produced. I have seen it four times already (that's more than the number of times I have felt compelled to re-watch Boyhood). It's a tough toss-up, but on careful examination, I have concluded that Whiplash is the superior of the two films and deserves to win in all the categories that it has been nominated in. J.K Simmons' electrifying, screen-scorching performance towers above all the other Oscar-nominated male performances of this year.
22/02/2015 11:21 PM IST